Thai Garden @ Rimrock, AZ

We make superbly delicious food for all of your eating needs. Come visit us for lunch or dinner any night of the week (we’re open Monday through Sunday, and even on holidays). 

Here, sublime regional favorites are served, beginning with rich and fragrant Tom Yum Kung—hot and sour soup with prawns—and Som-Tum—Thai papaya salad. Choose from a range of delicious vegetarian, meat, and seafood dishes. Entrées are prepared with care and served with Thai flare.


Dine on exquisite home-style Thai Cuisine and discover century-old recipe and the flavors of Thai delicates in our Thai garden setting.


Tel: 928-592-9117 

 or 928-254-9736

3460 E. Beaver Creek Rd., Rimrock, AZ 86335

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